Cassie Eng

Ph.D. Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University with a focus in Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Program in Interdisciplinary Education Research (PIER) Training Fellow
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) Training Fellow

Meet the Research Team

One of my favorite parts about acaedmia is mentoring undergraduate students, and watching them learn and thrive in a research environment. My completed and on-going projects would not be possible without the dedicated, driven undergraduate students I am lucky enough to work alongside with.


Carter Williams

  • Major in Logic and Computation
  • Github: @gantar22
  • Hobbies: Games; Philosophy; Longboarding

Dominic Calkosz

  • Major in Computer Science and Minor in Game Design
  • Github: @Dmcdominic
  • Hobbies: Games, Music

Kalpa Anjur

  • Major in Computer Science
  • Github: @hitechlife
  • Hobbies: Percussion, Games, Webtoons

Emery Noll

  • Major in Biological Sciences and Psychology
  • Hobbies: Fostering cats, Making Mimosas

Morgan Boyd

  • Dual Major in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Playing the Piano, and Taking Long Walks

Maanasi Bulusu

  • Major in Neuroscience and Minor in Computer Science
  • Hobbies: Reading, Skiing, Exploring New Places

Adrian Mester

  • Dual Major in Computer Science and Music Technology
  • Github: @RedHippi
  • Hobbies: Bird Watching in local parks, Playing Games with his parents

Suanna Moron

  • Dual Major in Computational Neuroscience and Psychology
  • Hobbies: Baking, Reading, Dancing

Kristy Zhang

  • Dual Major in Business Administration and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Hobbies: Playing Mahjong, Singing

Olivia Brand

  • Major in Neuroscience
  • Hobbies: Playing for Carnegie Mellon Women's Soccer Team, Horseback Riding

Sebastian Yang

  • Duel Major in Information Systems, Statistics and Machine Learning; Minor in Business Administration
  • Website:
  • Github: @SCP650
  • Hobbies: Playing Videogames

Kaitlynn Cooper

  • Major in Neuroscience
  • Hobbies: Playing Volleyball

Marissa McAfee

  • Major in Chemistry
  • Hobbies: Painting, Hiking, Exploring New Places, Reading, Playing for Carnegie Mellon Women's Soccer Team

Eileen Lee

  • Triple Major in Art, Psychology, and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Website: @eileenlee
  • Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Cooking, and Volunteering in the community

Elizabeth Fulton

  • Major in Computational Neuroscience
  • Hobbies: Reading, Playing Basketball, Soccer, and Kickball

Emma Hu

  • Major in Mathematical Sciences
  • Hobbies: Bridge, Dancing, and Traveling

George Whitfield

  • Major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Game Design
  • Hobbies: Piano, Crochet, Hanging with friends, Origami

Where are they now?

Marie Shaw

  • Marie graduated with a dual major in Electrical Computer Engineering and Human Computer Interaction with a minor in Integrative Design, Arts and Technology.
  • Github: @mnshaw
  • She currently works at YouTube in California.

Xavier Artache

  • Xavier graduated with a dual major in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science with a dual minor in Business and Robotics.
  • Github: @xaxafour
  • He currently works at the startup AutoX in California, which programs self-driving vehicles.

Nicole Ang

  • Nicole graduated with a dual major in Statistics and Machine Learning and Information Systems.
  • Github: @nicoleang
  • She currently works at Amazon in Seattle as a Software Development Engineer.

Nick Lee

  • Nick graduated with a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Github: @tabbyson
  • He currently works as a Power Generator Engineer in Virginia.

Bridget Tan

  • Bridget graduated with a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a minor in Sound Design
  • Github: @japanda3
  • She was accepted into Carnegie Mellon's Master's of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Program.

Melissa Pocsai

  • Melissa graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from University of Pittsburgh
  • She was accepted into The City University of New York’s Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program.